People come into Tupperware for many reasons.  Some join for an outlet.  Some join for the part time earning opportunities, Some join for the incredible career opportunities.  And of course many join for the discount.  That was one of the main reasons I joined 38 years ago.

Obviously I changed my mind as to what I wanted!  If YOU came in for the discount, I hope you will change your mind too.  When you decide you do want more, reach out to your Director and me so that we. an begin to help you create a plan for your business.  But in the meantime, this post is about the minimums.  Remember…you won’t make money living in the land of minimums, but if you’re happy with just the discount, and no income, then we’re cool with that.  Here’s how the discount works–

As a consultant we get a 25% discount on everything we buy.  If there is something in the catalog that you want, when you order it, you will receive your 25% discount.  Even better, if there is something in the sales brochure or on a sale flyer that you want, you also will receive your 25% discount.  This is pretty exciting because many times it’s on sale up to 50% off, and we STILL get 25% off the sale price!  How awesome is that!

We also have an amazing sampling program.  When a new catalog or brochure is about to open to customers, we will receive advance sampling.  This allows you to order ONE OF EACH ITEM at 35% off the customer price!  There is a limited window of opportunity for this extra discount, so you will want to make sure to stay engaged so you don’t miss out.

Here’s the “fine print”.  The 25% discount starts from Day One.  The minute you join Tupperware you begin getting the discount.  You will keep this discount for 12 months, even if your account goes inactive.  So, if you join in June, you receive your 25% discount until the following May.  The 35% sampling opportunity is only for those consultants that are active.  That means that you will receive this discount for 4 months, or as long as you stay active.

So…HOW DO YOU STAY ACTIVE? You remain active as long as you have $250 in retail sales in a ROLLING 4 months.  The rolling 4 months means that in ANY 4 months, you need to have $250 in sales.  So each month, we drop a month, and add a month. So…right now it’s March, April, May, June.  Next month we will drop March, and add July.  It will be April, May, June, July.  If you are actively working your business, this is a walk in the park.  An average party is around $600.  If you’ve come into the business just for the discount, then you will need to pay attention.  I believe it’s easier to keep up than to catch up, so I would recommend that you strive to order $62.50 per month.  That way you will alway have $250 in the 4 month window.

Here’s a chart that helps to clarify.