We no longer log into my.tup.  We now log into

I strongly encourage you to use CHROME during your initial set up.

If you haven’t logged in yet, you will need to log in with the USERNAME that was emailed to you and the TEMPORARY PASSWORD that was included in your April 29th email.  Do not use your old password from my.tup or mysales.  You will then be prompted to change your password.  Enter the temporary password from above, followed by your new password.  WRITE THIS DOWN.  The #1 issue people have had is not remembering their password!

First stop: How to edit my profile

How to enter a personal order

How to create and enter a party

Note:  If you are creating a party and YOU as a consultant will be the host, you can not use the same email that you have entered in the Tupperware system as a consultant.  The system won’t accept the same email from a consultant and a host. So…I would recommend that you have a secondary email.  DON’T MAKE UP A FAKE ONE, or you’ll never get confirmation emails! For example…I use for my Tupperware email.  When I shop online with other companies, like Amazon, Sephora, etc, I have a different email I use.  So when I set up my Mystery Host party I used that email.

How to manage a party (this happens after you have created the party)

Please note:  we do not enter recruits from our back office.  All recruits “self enroll”.  In our old program, they went to one place to join/order a kit, another place to activate their website, another place to sign up for a Tupcard….many never finished there process.  Now they will self enroll, and finish the entire process in one place!

How to enroll a recruit

Questions and Answers

VIDEOS in 1 place for you: 



The collections include:

  1. Enrollment
  2. Profile
  3. Home page
  4. Place Orders
  5. What’s New
  6. Create A Party
  7. Manage Parties
  8. Dashboard Consultant and UP
  9. Jenkon Personal & Custom Reports

Dashboard training:



Personal Website Orders: 

WARRANTY PROCESS IN JENKON: As an update, the voucher process for warranty replacement at Go Live will be available on your personal website and for placing as personal orders. It will take roughly 2 weeks post GoLive for the voucher feature to be able to be used on a party order. This means that if someone has a warranty at a party, you will not be able to use the voucher on their party order until the feature becomes live mid-May. Please find the below videos in English, to understand the new Warranty process in Jenkon:
Warranty Replacement: How can you get a Voucher?
– Warranty Replacement: How can you use a Voucher at GoLive?