Are up looking to expand your business outside of your circle of friends?  Are you interested in holding parties, but a little fearful of standing up in front of others?  Are you lacking in confidence about product knowledge? Would you like to pull in a party in under 48 hours? Survey parties may be your solution!

Designed to be used with smaller groups, a survey party takes the pressure off of you, when you are fearful of large groups.  It also can take the pressure off a host who may be concerned about having a large number of guest.  There are several keys-

  1. Ask the host to invite a handful of people over for a 30 minute survey.  If the host is a friend or family member, ask them to invite people that you are NOT already connected to.  This will help expand beyond your family and close circle of friends.
  2. Select just ONE product.  Again this takes the pressure off of you needing to know everything about everything.
  3. Keep it under 30 minutes.  So if you are picking a microwave product, make sure that you select a recipe that can be prepared in under 15 minutes.

Will you take the Survey Party Challenge?

Collect 30 completed surveys in June. Turn them in STAPLED TOGETHER by July 9th. All qualifiers will receive a logo gift, and will be entered in a drawing for your choice of a premium item (Stack Cooker, MicroPro Grill, Pressure Cooker, Smart Multi Cooker, Mandolin, Sorbet Maker/Mincer.
Survey party forms are now posted: