Do you have little ones?  Do you have little grandkids?  Or do you just KNOW a lot of people with little ones?  Why not schedule a “Kids in the Kitchen” event? Here’s how it works–

  • Set a date for your event and begin advertising it at parties, on social media and everywhere else
  • Take a registration of $25 per child.  An adult must attend with their child.
  • Pre-order the Mini Baking Set for each registration paid.  Make sure to allow enough time from the close of the registration to the date of the event for the product to arrive.  A great time to consider this is the week of Thanksgiving as many kids are off school for brea.
  • On the day of the event, start a simple recipe with the kids.  There is a salt ornament recipe on the Tupperware website. Or you could do a no-bake cookie.  The kids use their mini baking set to make the recipe.
  • While the kids are making their goodies, do a quick demo of the pressure cooker and prepare a recipe.  Macaroni and Cheese is always a hit.  Talk to the moms about the ease of making meals in minutes using the pressure cooker. Have a display with lots of gift ideas too
  • If you have 10 kids, you already have $250 in sales, and then you can add sales from any purchases you have that day.

Make sure to offer the opportunity to all the people attending.  If they love the pressure cooker, they can get it one of 3 ways–pay full price, get it or half price as a host or get it for $30 as a new consultant!