Here’s a little Social Media 101 to help you out!  On facebook there are groups and there are pages.  A GROUP is for people that have something in common.  It’s a way for them to connect and share.  You have to JOIN a group, either by accepting an invitation or asking to join.  Once you JOIN a group I recommend that you mark it as a favorite so that you see the posts.  


A PAGE is typically started by a business.  You have to LIKE a page. Once you like a page that is REALLY important, mark it so that it shows up in your feed, and you get notifications.


There are millions of facebook groups and probably thousands for Tupperware.  Joining them all would consume your life…and that’s not good.  That said, we have several great facebook groups that are so helpful to your business.  I’d love to encourage you to join them!  The first one is the one for our company…Legacy Party Sales!  This is where you will find updates, recognition, and flyers that you can share on social media.  I would encourage you to click on “announcements” on the left sidebar.  This will show you those things we’ve deemed critical for you to know.


Legacy Party Sales
Closed group · 992 members
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This is a closed group for our "Legacy Party Sales" Tupperware family! This group is to support each other, encourage each other and to recognize our ...

The second group that is of interest is a group led by our Regional, Neryvette.  This group also has regional information and challenges!  To join this group, click here:



Soaring West Region
Closed group · 2,402 members
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The next group that I want to recommend is your Upline Director’s Page.  Make sure to reach out for an invite if you are not already a member of this group.  There’s important information that applies specifically to your Director Team, so you’ll want to be a part of that group too!

PAGES! We have a Tupperware Page for the US & Canada Salesforce.  You will love the live training that happens there:  Click here to “LIKE” the page:

Lastly, you will not want to skip the training available on the FSRC 2.0 training page.  This group is made up of 6 Top Business Leaders and their companies.  We do a lot of cross-training, which give you amazing ideas to group your business! Click here to “LIKE” the page: