Wow!  We are freshly finished with Jubilee 2019, and it totally rocked!  For me as a Business leader, we had some great training on Wednesday to help us serve you better.  That evening our Directors attended a special “by invitation only” event.  I was so proud that all 4 of our Directors in attendance qualified to attend.

On Thursday morning all the Legacy members united to take the Home Office tour.  It’s always exciting to see the updated recognition for the year!  Some of the highlights were everyone on the Hearts of America statues, including Diane and Enid as FIVE TIME qualifiers!  Last years Brownie Wise recipient, Maria Olipas has a special place and it’s always so cool to see Traci’s name as one of the WOW program qualifiers when she earned her sportswear, titled and tagged in her name. Thursday afternoon got started with a BANG!  Recognition and a peek into the future with our new initiatives, new catalog, new product and more product pass out than I’ve ever seen at Jubilee!  Thursday night we had an EXCLUSIVE Fun Night for FSRC…OMG…it was truly FUN!

Friday was a day packed full of training.  We were so proud that Maria Olipas was selected to train this year.  She did an excellent job. I’m not just being biased as her Business Leader….I personally had people come up and tell me what a great job she did.  I know that everyone attending the training classes learned so much, AND has had their confidence built to set bigger goals.  Friday night was our Gala Event, an it was awesome to see everyone dressed in their sparkles, lace and bling!

As we closed on Saturday, we heard exciting news about our opportunity.  You will notice that we are shifting from the word “consultant” to “representative or rep” and from “recruiting” to “sponsoring”.  It’s such a better selection of words that really explains what we do.  We REPRESENT a great company.  And we SPONSOR people, which is more of a partnership.  I challenge you to start using this new vocabulary in your dialog.   And….if you haven’t checked out the latest about our opportunity information….make sure that you read the next post!  As we finished our time together we had lunch together so we could reflect on the last few days, and plan for the future.  We are truly #bettertogether

There’s lots of pictures from Jubilee in our Facebook Group.  Check them out if you haven’t done so already!

Lastly, I want to encourage each and every one of you to begin planning for Jubilee 2020.  The dates and location will be announced very soon.  You’ll then want to plan for the time off.  And you’ll want to create a plan to pay for your Jubilee registration, hotel and travel.  Holding one $600 party per month that you dedicate as your “Jubilee party” will give you $150 to set aside.  And remember, the trip is totally tax deductible and can possibly be life-changing/business changing for you.