We have so many exciting events coming in the next 10 days, and you will want to make sure to be a part of this!

  • Monday, August 12th 6pm HT.  We will be holding our Tupperware Mini Jubilee.  The first hour will be an expo style event where you and your guests can check out what’s new and exciting in Tupperware!  New products, including Cold Brew samples, New Host offers, New brochure offers and our new Kits and new enhancements for TupSocial, Tupperware.com and My.Tupperware.   This expo style will allow you and your guests to check things out at your own pace and to come and go as you please.  Once the Expo is finished, guests are welcome to stay, or they may leave.  We will finish the event with awesome recognition. You will not want to miss this!  For those of you off island, please join us in our Facebook group as we will be going LIVE.
  • Then, we have multiple events across the islands that will include New products, including Cold Brew samples, New Host offers and our new Kits!  Please make sure to RSVP to these events so we can be prepared.

Oahu Mini Jubilee: https://www.legacypartysales.com/events/aug-12th-oahu-mini-jubilee/

Kauai Mini Jubilee: https://www.legacypartysales.com/events/august-13th-kauai-mini-jubilee/

Molokai Mini Jubilee: https://www.legacypartysales.com/events/august-14th-molokai-mini-jubilee/

Hilo Mini Jubilee: https://www.legacypartysales.com/events/aug-16th-hilo-mini-jubilee/

Kona Mini Jubilee: https://www.legacypartysales.com/events/aug-17th-kona-mini-jubilee/

Las Vegas Mini Jubilee: https://www.legacypartysales.com/events/august-20th-las-vegas-mini-jubilee/


  • Then during the week of August 12th, we have several “Try Me” events hosted by each Director.  Included in this will be an opportunity to try out the new Cold Brew System and hear about our new kits and new rep offers.  If you are unable to attend Mini Jubilee on Oahu, we encourage you to attend the one that is closest to your area.  You do not need to attend your specific Director’s event, just the one that is closest to you. This is also a perfect opportunity to bring guests that couldn’t make our Mini Jubilee on Monday!  RSVP and details for these events can be found in or Facebook events.

We are poised for an explosive second half of the year.  You are at the right place, at the right time with the right product and the right Company…Legacy Party Sales!