Big things are BREWING in Tupperware!  The new fall catalog is going to be released for consumers on August 31st.  The new products are SOOOO exciting, including our new Cold Brew System.  

NOW is the best time for someone to join us.  For the first time EVER, new consultants can join and get the current kit, and then qualify to get an updated holiday kit!  SERIOUSLY?!?!? TWO KITS?!?!?  YES!!!  Best of all…when your new consultant qualifies for the new kit…YOU GET ONE TOO! New products in new colors!!  This is in addition to the $75 product award that you will receive, AND the Cold Brew system you will receive when you sponsor someone THIS WEEK.  Here’s a chart to help you keep the offers clear, as well as a flyer that you can use to share the offers.  Make sure that you let your new consultants know that they too can sponsor a new rep and earn all the goodies too!  

Our goal is 200 new Legacy Team members in the next 3 weeks…just ONE PER TEAM MEMBER!  Who will you invite?

BIG question…how will you insure that your new rep has $300-$600 in sales?  Let her pick one:

  1. Host an in home party (could be at a park if not in their home)
  2. Host a Facebook party
  3. Host an office party (cook lunch for their coworkers and WOW them!)
  4. Encourage them to place an order from their with list or to buy samples 
  5. Pick an item and sell 10…or 20 or whatever they need to hit $600.

Bottom line, do not register a recruit and forget them. If you are unsure how to help them, reach out to your Director and let them partner with you and your new consultant to insure that everyone achieves their goals.  YOU ARE IN BUSINESS FOR YOURSELF, BUT NOW BY YOURSELF!


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