Are you new and wanting to pull in sales to qualify for your Fall Kit package?
Are you established and wanting a boost to get your business moving for the fall?
If so, I am here to help you. I’ve created two Facebook Events that you can use to make it happen. Here’s how it works:
1- Select which time you’d like to participate. If you have a paid website, set up a TupperConnect link so your guests can shop.
2-Personally reach out to your contacts and ask them if they would be willing to participate. If for some reason you have a friend that is interested, but unavailable at the times listed, they can always go to our page and watch the party afterwards!
3-Share the event on your personal profile too. Ask your friends to let you know if they want to attend.
4-When they say yes, copy and paste the appropriate link so they can join the event.
5-Make sure to remind them of the event prior to the start.
6-When the event is starting, join me on our public page. I will be demonstrating the Smart Multi Cooker, VNS and the Modular Mates.
7-After the event, you will want to follow up with your guests. You can either take their order physically or send them your TupperConnect link.
***You will earn 25% of any orders you collect AND you will receive sales credit toward your qualification! I’m doing the demo for you, so USE ME!
***I’ll be doing a drawing among all attendees. The more participants we have the bigger gift I will give away!
Tuesday, August 27th
7pm HT
10pm PT
11pm MT
Midnight CT
1am ET
Wednesday, August 28th
2pm HT
5pm PT
6pm MT
7pm CT
8pm ET