Our President of Tupperware US & Canada will be retiring this week after 45 years, and WOW…there are a lot of gifts to celebrate his retirement! In fact you have EIGHT ways to celebrate!

Each day, when you are one of the first 1000 to submit $145 in sales you will be able to purchase a special product set for a killer price.  The first 45 will get their’s free!  That’s SEVEN ways to win!

Plus, when you are one of the first 45 to submit a total of $1045 for the week, you will get the entire 11px Cookware Set for $145.

A few thing you should know…

  • The first 1000/45 are determined by your Tupperware submit time.  So if you live on the east coast and submit at 12:15amET but someone on the West Coast submits at 12:05am PT, the West Coast submitter was first.  Hawaii, your new day begins at 9pm the day prior, so to have a chance at Monday’s gift you want to submit as close to 9:01pm on Sunday as possible.
  • You can win every day.  Use your VIP page to drive daily order.  Online sales do count, but it’s easier to control the time of submission if you submit the sales.
  • Make sure you have a TupperConnect link set up for any parties you have up…even if they are next week.  Again drive online orders via a challenge to help qualify.