It’s exciting to think of the opportunities that exist for each of us, by sharing ALL of the products we have.  It’s actually mind-blowing to think of the potential that exists!  So just for a minute, let’s think about what if we ONLY sold FridgeSmart?  Every home needs this, right?  Check out the math on the potential that exists when you focus on sharing FridgeSmart with everyone you meet!  
The first figure is based on the purchase of an entire set of FridgeSmart
The second figure is based on the purchase of the small deep
(If your area is not listed here and you’d like to “do the math” for you area, let me know and we can do it!)


This is an amazing deal for a single FridgeSmart! Your customers will go crazy for this! But so should you! They are $7.50 for sales force members!!! I LOVE to use these as a special purchase offer to those that date a party. Sell it to them when they date, and challenge them to do the “fridgesmart test” between the day they date and the day they hold. You will sell so much fridgesmart!

Think Christmas gifts too! Shop at your store and support your business this holiday season.