Team Weeks offers some incredible sales specials for your customers…and for you!

 As a rep, you receive a 25% discount on the SALE price, which makes them an even BETTER savings!  Check out these tips:

Spice Shakers (Sept 14-27)

Spices are expensive, so insuring they stay fresh is critical.  Our airtight containers are the solution.  In addition, one of the most fun “Make & Takes” you can do with customers is a DIY spice blend class.  Check out the recipes under our recipe tab.

Baking soda is your friend.  Fill one spice shaker and leave it opened in your refrigerator to absorb odors.There is less chance of spilling and it’s easy to refill once a month. AND you use less than half of a box at a time!

Add two Tablespoons of potpourri to a large spice shaker and fill with baking soda. You have just created your own carpet freshener for less than fifty cents! Also works great as an air freshener if left open in your bathroom. Change once a month.

Keep a Tupperware SPICE Shaker filled with baking soda iIn the Shower: It will strip away smoke and product build-up in your hair without damage. Rub baking soda in your hair and rinse out before you shampoo. There will be no need to “shampoo, rinse and repeat” which will save you money on your shampoo purchases.  Shake a bit of baking soda into your regular cleanser and rub in a gentle, circular moon to exfoliate skin on face and body. Smooth, radiant skin without all those chemicals you can’t even pronounce!


Potato Smart and Onion/Garlic Smart (Sept 14-27)

The names say it all…Stack the Onion/Garlic Smart on top of the Potato Smart for a space saving solution. Perfect for pantry storage, as they need to be kept in a dark space.  But now, think outside of potatoes and onions.  Pet treats, kids toys, craft items…all are perfectly stored in the Potato Smart and easily accessed through the hinged seal.







Onion & Garlic Keeper (Sept 14-27)

When you clean out your refrigerator, do you find a baggie with a slimy onion? Never again! Store your onion half in a container that will remind you what’s inside!  It’s also a cute way of serving onion dip.  The Garlic Keeper is my favorite…It will hold multiple bulbs of garlic…again in a container that will remind you what’s inside!




Serving cups (Sept 14-27)

Oh the possibilities!  Eight 8oz serving cups that can be perfect for little bits of everything, or filled with jam, candy, and seed to be used for multiple gifts.  With round seals, they are liquid tight AND airtight!





Freeze-it Small & Medium Set (Sept 14-20)

These containers are a meal prep dream!  The 4 16-oz containers are perfect for 1 pound of ground beef.  When it’s on sale, stock up.  I brown 3 lbs of ground beef at once using the Stack Cooker and Colander.  All the grease drains out, and you are left with just meat, and no grease!  HINT: Chop already cooked ground beef in the Power Chef, and it will go farther!  When you’re ready to fix dinner, you can put your browned ground beef into the 3qt casserole of the Stack Cooker and add the ingredients for spaghetti sauce, taco meat, chili, or anything else that starts with browned ground beef. Not only is it healthier, but you will love not cleaning your stove every time!

I have about a dozen of these with frozen mango (Thanks Michelle Naeole!).  Perfect for smoothies.  If you buy frozen vegetables, buy in bulk at Cosco or Sams and divide the into 16oz portions. Really..the sky is the limit on these.

The long shallow freezer containers are great for 3 chicken breasts or pork chops, rolled bacon, hot dogs, two large hamburger patties or steaks.  The long deep containers are great for freezing one pot meals and  meat loaf mixture (fits in the Ultra Pro Loaf Pan).  If you are holding meal prep events, these would be great.

Thermal Jars (Sept 14-20)

One word…AMAZING!  For those that take lunch on the go, these are a gotta have.  Fill with hot water, dump and then fill with your hot foods to go.  Perfect for taking soup, stew, chili and other main dishes.  OR…place in the freezer for a few minutes and then fill with ice cream.  YES!  You and your kids can have ice cream for lunch!  Lunch will never be the same!








The 12″ Round (Sept 14-20)

18 cupcakes, sushi, a Cosco Pie, Tortillas, Cookies…just a few of the many uses for this round container.  I have THREE of these in my home! Oh…and you can put it in the freezer too!

Serving Center (Sept 14-20)

This is a must for people that like to party! It’s a Taco Bar, Ice Cream Bar, Poke Bar, Potato Bar, Fruit Bar or Salad Bar,   Fill it with vegetables and add dip in the center.  Fill it with seafood, with cocktail sauce in the center.  The domed cover makes it easy to make in advance and store, and even easier to take with you to a party. Fill the cover with ice and chill your seafood bar.  OR fill the wagon wheel with Veggies and dip, and use the cover as a chip holder, and place the small bowl in the center.  This is a GREAT gift for the holidays!  Stock up, and encourage your customers to stock up!  Can you find someone to sell 10 of them?

Three Piece Mixing Bowl Set (Sept 14-20)

Yes! The name says it’s a Mixing Bowl Set…and it’s perfect for that. The flat bottom and textured interior  makes it perfect for using with an electric mixer.  BUT…they are so much more!  These are perfect for holding snacks for football season. Use it for Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad and Cole Slaw. Think about three different containers for three different home-baked gifts during the holidays.  Just add a bow, and it’s ready to go!

Here’s a great idea…reach out to those you know that have lots of contacts.  Offer them the opportunity to share the savings with their friends, relative, neighbors and co-workers so they can earn host credit.  They could easily hit $600 in sales and with two datings; then they could add a Microwave Pressure Cooker for themselves for only $59

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