We have LOTS of Multiple Host events schedule for October to help you create a HUGE month of personal sales.  A Multiple Host event is when you have those that either can not or will not hold a home party bring their party to a central location. As a consultant you can hold MULTIPLE parties at one time.  This is also perfect for those of you that have limited time.  It’s also great for those that are new and may feel uneasy doing a party on you own.  So what should you do?

  1. Begin inviting hosts now.  Provide invitation to them.  You will find invites 4 to a page under Resources>next month’s tools.
  2. Hosts should be host coached, meaning that they have a wish list, catalogs and order forms to collect orders from people that can not come.  I also recommend that you use a host challenge sheet like Tic Tac Tupper, 4 challenges for you OR Five Star Host.  Lastly, create a TupperConnect link for them so they can easily collect orders on line.

This month we have made a few twists in our way things work.

  1. We’ve simplified how they earn Bingo cards. Please note that Oahu is not a Bingo, as we just had Bingo.  Instead it will be “The World’s Largest Tupperware Party”.  We will have several demonstrations and will do the smidget pop, so make sure that your hosts and guests register.
  2. Each host and guest must register on our website and pay $10.  For their $10 they will receive a Smidget.  At the end of the night they will “pop” their smidget to reveal their gift.  Gift will have a retail value of $10-$100…every single host and guest wins! Not only will this generate a LOT of excitement, but it will insure that you have a true head count for attendance.

On the day of the event, make sure to bring party supplies.  Catalogs, brochures, order forms, your host’s challenge awards, host packets for future datings….everything you would take to a regular party, but the Tupperware.  We will do multiple demos the night of the bingo, so they will get to see lots of products in action! 

Printable invites can be found here: https://www.legacypartysales.com/resources/next-months-tools/

Here are the RSVP links.  Guest and Hosts should use these links to pay for their registrations.  Sales Reps do not participate in the Smidget Pop, so there is no charge for your registration.

Kona Bingo  https://www.legacypartysales.com/events/kona-bingo/ 

Oahu MHP https://www.legacypartysales.com/events/oahu-multiple-host/

Molokai MHP:  https://www.legacypartysales.com/events/molokai-bingo/

Vegas Bingo https://www.legacypartysales.com/events/las-vegas-bingo/ 

Hilo Bingo https://www.legacypartysales.com/events/hilo-bingo/

Kauai Bingo https://www.legacypartysales.com/events/kauai-bingo-2/