Team – are you thinking BIG enough?!? Take 3 minutes and read this post and learn how to think & profit BIGGER 💪🏻

Here are my sure-fire selling tips on this incredible offer with the Impression Bowls: 1. Take your Impression Bowls to your parties this week

  • ask each customer to write down all the names of people (adults) that they will be shopping for this holiday season that they prefer to spend no more than $20 on
  • give them 1 minute to do this and play holiday music on your phone while they do so – set the tone 😉
  • next ask them how many names they jotted down
  • now demonstrate the features & benefits of the Impression Bowls and establish the $35 retail value
  • let them know that this week only, we are helping them take 10 people off their shopping list and for only $18 per gift
  • Do NOT pre-judge that people will spend $180 on 10 gifts, if they don’t with you, they will at the stores

2) STOP what you are doing right now and do the same exercise

  • write down all the names of people you will shop for
  • order a case of 10 for your holiday shopping needs
  • fill each bowl with Carmel popcorn, homemade cookies and snacks before wrapping/gifting
  • REMEMBER you get these at YOUR cost which is $13.50 per bowl set!!!
  • Where can you find 10 gifts for your cost of $135???
  • NOW let’s go one step further…

3) Make another list of people you know (family/friends) who work at an office, insurance company, hospital, school, etc.

  • email them the flyer tonight and ask them to share with their co-workers tomorrow
  • have each work location sell 10 sets or 1 case at $180
  • have 2,3,4 or more friends doing this for you and watch how many cases you sell by Friday from all 3 points above.

Last step… thank me on Friday and laugh all the way to your bank 😉 Are you thinking BIGGER now?!? Did you know that you profit $135 when you sell 3 cases or $225 when you sell 5 cases OR $500 when you sell 10 cases?!? GO TEAM GO!  

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