It’s the first week of Recordbreaker and we are ready to ROCK this month…it’s ROCKTOBER!  We’ve spent several weeks sharing loads of ideas on how you can use the many tools we have to build sales for the month.  We are ready to PARTY!

Just what is a party?  A party is any activity where you have a SALES REP (YOU!), a HOST (your partner in selling) and a guest (or two or three or ten).  In most cases the more guests you have the more sale you all have, which is why we suggest that you coach a host to really build attendance. Many times people that are busy think they don’t have time to hold parties.  But actually having a partner to help you sell will make it easier than just passing around a few catalogs.

Now is the time to really look at schedule.  How many activities did you commit to holding for the month?  Do you have a good number of them already scheduled?  If you’ve scheduled what you do have in the early part of the month, then you will get more dates from those.  For those that you DO have scheduled already…does your host understand the host program this month.  Does she understand the difference in the amount of product she can get for just pushing a little bit more.  This sheet is perfect for showing host what they get and why to work to get one more order or one more booking! 

Stack the host

I love to give my host a challenge sheet too.  If you haven’t already done so, send her one of these:

Five Star Host                    4 challenges for you

If you still don’t feel like you want to do parties, I would encourage you to select a few sales activities instead. Again, this gives you helpers, instead of working on your goal alone.  Here’s a few of my favorites:

Party in a Bag                              Everybody Wins.                 SELL 10 2PC THATSA                             Sell 12 5PC THATSA

I know that with these great tools and our extra host credit, the we can have 100% participation during this month. We have some great weekly gifts for you.  As a reminder…here’s what is happening this week:


We also have a weekly goal for Legacy. When we achieve our goal we will be drawing for this awesome host gift!  Who wants to win?

All those sales this week will count for these monthly offers.  Let’s make sure everyone gets their name on the wall.  if you are new and have never had sales over $600 in a month, that is your goal!

The BEST part of Recordbreaker is the feeling you will have knowing what you are capable of doing with your business when you give your very best effort.  This month can be the catalyst for great things ahead!