If you are new to the business or want to take your business to the next level, I encourage you to explore a vendor event.  This is the peak time of the year for these activities, so now is a great time to sign up.  

How do I find a vendor event? Ask other Direct Sellers.  Google “festivals”, “craft shows”, “bazaars”, “Fairs”.  Tupperware policies prohibit participating in events that are titled “Swap Meets”.

What should I take? According to our Tupperware policies, our primary purpose for these events is dating and sponsoring.  Your display should look professional, have a Host Gift on display and a Kit.  I love to take the Confident Start Products because not only does it help with sponsoring, but it also gives me key products to demonstrate.  There’s other things that will come in handy: Suggested Packing List

What should I do?  An activity to attract people to your booth is helpful.  A spinning wheel or Plinko board is a great attraction. Conducting a door prize will not only attract people to your booth, but give you valuable information for follow up.  Most important, you want to greet visitors to your booth and engage them in a conversation about Tupperware.  Dazzle them with our offers so they will want to join your team or host a party with you. But remember…THE FORTUNE IS IN THE FOLLOW UP.

Most importantly, before contracting and paying for a both, you need to register and be approved. We now have an online registration form that you can fill out and submit.  Once approved, then it’s yours. Register your event here

If you are not familiar with Vendor Events, check out the Vendor Events Tab.  There you will find Drawing coupons, examples of booth set up, greetings, tips for successful vendor events and more. https://www.legacypartysales.com/resources/vendor-events/