Congratulations on a great start to Recordbreaker!  While we didn’t quite reach our on pace goal, we have time to catch up!  

Here’s our weekly goal for week 2 to make sure we hit our monthly goal.  It’s RECORDBREAKER and we ask that every single consultant across the US is active.  It’s like paying your annual membership to Cosco!  Please find a way to engage this month and share Tupperware with your peeps!

Remember that our Mid September brochure with Halloween items, Cookware, Knives and Cold Brew Specials end this week. For  our business builders, this is a HUGE opportunity as Halloween is one of the top holidays in dollars spent.  Make sure everyone knows that the specials are ending and it’s the last chance to get them in time for Halloween.  I can’t say enough about the Cookware and Knives.  If you are in Tupperware for the discount, this is the time to grab these as you will receive your 25% discount on the sale price!  Don’t miss out!


For YOU this week-

Grab our weekly glitter pen/stylus for $1 when you submit $150 or more for the week.  At the end of the month, a coupon will be loaded to Legacy Loot and you can redeem and have these mailed to you!  Plus Tupperware has some great gifts too!  Check them out!


These sales will also count toward the monthly awards from Tupperware and Legacy


Lastly, we want to congratulate TWO of our team members that were among the TOP in the entire region!  Congratulations to #15 Lane and #23 Jennifer!