Why is your early RSVP for events so important?  

Because I need an airline flight, meeting room, sleeping room and rental car for most locations, I have to make my arrangements way in advance.  Your immediate RSVP helps me to know that the event is “a go”, or whether I need to adjust my schedule.  You can always edit your RSVP to add a few guests up to the day before. Each event takes planning.  By knowing in advance I can plan how many gifts and whose gifts to pack, how may copies to make, how much food our demonstrators should plan for.  So–here’s our upcoming registration links.  Click on the one in your area and RSVP today!  Thank you for helping me help you!

Molokai MHP:https://www.legacypartysales.com/events/molokai-bingo/

Hilo Bingo https://www.legacypartysales.com/events/hilo-bingo/

Oahu Make & Take https://www.legacypartysales.com/events/oahu-make-take/

Kauai Bingo https://www.legacypartysales.com/events/kauai-bingo-2/

Movers & Shakers https://www.legacypartysales.com/events/movers-shakers-2/

We also have a Team Cooking Class at our home in Ewa Beach on Thursday, Oct 10th at 7pm.  The RSVP for this is on our Legacy Facebook Group to allow for more interaction by attendees.  This is open to any consultant and guests that you would like to bring. Each consultant is encouraged to bring a recipe and the ingredients and products needed to prepare it.