For years, Jubilee has been a limited access event to the first 3500 qualifiers.  In 2020 this event will be open to EVERYONE THAT IS ACTIVE!  It’s truly going to be the biggest Tupperware party ever!! We’d love to have YOU attend, so start planning now!

  1. Get registered asap!
  2. Start a savings fund to pay for your airfare and hotel.  One thing to consider is this:  Do you have a Business Credit Card that gives you airline miles?  If not, you may want to consider getting one. The miles you will earn just on your Tupperware purchases, gas, postage and other business expenses can help defray the cost of your trip!
  3. Let me know you want to go!  I’ll be setting up a special Facebook Group for attendees with special challenges.  You’ll have the opportunity to earn “Jubilee Cash” to help pay for your hotel stay!