Reopening the DIA DE LOS MUERTOS CANISTER SET (item #1599) from the Mid-September brochure. This offer will run until Nov 1 or while supplies last, which means once inventory runs out, the item will automatically close in the system.


Silicone Oven Glove: This product is very popular and we are trending very close to our forecasted inventory. This item could close before the end of the Record Breaker brochure on Friday Oct. 25.  If you have any orders for these, please submit immediately.

To preserve inventory for party sales during the brochure, we have closed sampling of the Pop-a-lot.  This simply means that you don’t get your 35% discount, but can still order it with your 25% discount.  It’s very important to always order sampling as soon as it opens to insure you get what you want.