Christmas is just 50 days away!  Let’s face it…that’s a scary number!  

The holiday are always crazy.  There’s so many more activities to add to our schedules.  There’s church events and added family and work parties. For those with kids and grandkids, there’s always school events.  And of course there’s holiday preparation, which can include shopping, cooking, baking, mailing and all that jazz.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed, and sometimes we can let our business fall away because we lose focus.  Because this can be one go the best times of the year for selling and making money, I want to encourage you to carve out time to make the most of your business.  The secret is to WORK SMART and HAVE A PLAN!

Here’s a few things that will really help you get it together-

  1. Make a point of checking your email every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  That’s when our Legacy emails go out.
  2. Set an income goal to cover your increased holiday expenses and know what it takes to achieve it.
  3. Don’t try to do a zillion new things in your business.  Look at all the fall holiday selling options, and pick the few that are the best match for your lifestyle and personality.  Then RUN with it.
  4. Attend your local Fallfest!  There’s still time to register!  Here’s the links to join us.

Las Vegas: Nov 9th

Kauai: Nov 13th

Hilo: Nov 14th

Molokai: Nov 16th

Kona: Nov 17th

Oahu: Nov 18th

Online: Nov 19th ‎