Hi Legacies-

Our brand new President, Pieter, just had a tragedy in his life.  His parents, who live in South Africa, were involved in a fatal car accident.  His mother passed away and his father is in critical, but stable condition.  Pieter and his family have returned to South Africa during this time. While clearly nothing can fix their broken hearts, from personal experience I know that when a leader is going through a difficult personal time, it’s always great when the troops rally and make something big happen.  It’s just one less thing to have to think/worry about.

As you know, November is our START FROM THE HEART month for sponsoring.  So, we want to show our heart for Pieter by showering him with hearts upon his return.  During the next few days be sharing your heart for Tupperware with a friend, relative, host or customer.  Invite them to join you and submit them in the system for heartbeat day, Wednesday, Nov.13th. Each of these new consultants will be receiving a special gift from me for joining on that day Plus, when we achieve our goal of 50,all recruiters will be entered in a drawing for a laptop. New consultants that submit $300 in November will also received an entry. Lastly, I will be sending a giant card filled with paper hearts.  The hearts will have the name of each person that shares their heart on Wednesday.  How many hearts will we send?  Will YOU be a part of showing Pieter your heart.  

Check out my post with all the details https://www.facebook.com/tinaoscar/videos/10157777978352265/