Here’s a few tips for getting ready NOW for Cyber Weekend!

  • Make sure that you have a PAID website.  All specials are online only.
  • If you don’t already have one, create a vip customer group now.  This is different from a business page.  As soon as you create it, post on your personal profile and your page that you have a VIP group and ask them to comment if they’d like to be added to it.  It’s important to have a GROUP because you can only offer non-Tupperware specials in a private group that you have created. Here’s a meme to use to advertise:

  • Begin countdown posts in your group to tease that the specials are comings.  Let them know that there will be NEW specials every day from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.
  • Create a TupperConnect link for your own personal party.  Post this link in your group so that all customers use this link to place their orders.  This will allow you to earn host credit.  You can keep the host credit for yourself or you can give it away.  I create a challenge and let them know that they receive one entry per $10 order toward earning the host credit.  When we achieve $300 or more, I draw for the host credit and then make that person the host. The Host gifts will ship directly to her.  Ask the winner to post a picture of all of their host gifts IN THE GROUP and also ON THEIR PERSONAL TIMELINE to advertise the benefit of being in your group.  This will help you get more people added to your group!
  • For Small Business Saturday, consider doing a sample flash sale in your VIP group. This will help you rotate out samples that you have and put cash in your pocket. Again, you can only do a flash sale in a private group, not on your personal timeline.
  • Below is a meme you can use in your VIP group.  Again, free shipping is for ONLINE orders only!