Mid Dec Sampling! A few items opened today. The rest don’t open until Nov 30th. You can also order the Mid November samples today and pay only one flat $8 fee.
Here are a few answers to your questions from the live regarding the products:
    1. The Spiralizer is not on sampling because you get the best coupon ever this month by sharing the opportunity. Get your Spiralizer for only $15 when you add a new team member by Friday.
    2. The canisters in the cold brew bundle are available separately. The Cold brew carafe is not, as it has also recently been a welcome/sponsor offer.
  • I haven’t found a color name in print, but I would call the plates and tumblers fuchsia
  • The jelring, jellettes and smooth chopper are red.
  • The refrigerator items (Basic Bright rounds, slim lines and Small Wonderliers are in the same 3 colors as the Classic Wonderlier bowls..lavendar, teal and lime green. The Snack store slim is teal. The Snack Store Large is LAVENDER!!!!