It’s been a challenging 18 hours but we have all survived!  I hope you have followed the updates on facebook.
There were numerous posts, but here’s a few:

Hi Team
First of all I’d like to thank you for your patience. Today has been frustrating for sure. And I know it’s been stressful for many of you. During the entire day, I kept trying to keep things in perspective. In the big picture, if a wonky website is our biggest issue, we’ve got a good life. That said, it affects all of our paychecks when things don’t go as planned, so I don’t want to discount the issues. But you know what…we’ve survived devastating hurricanes, floods and volcanoes. We shall overcome this as well.Say a prayer for our home office team and all the people working on this issue. Their stress level has to be off the charts.The good news…the month has been extended until tomorrow. While we can still key orders in the back office, free shipping is a reason to key online. So…my suggestion—turn off your computer and phone. Pour yourself your favorite beverage and take the night off! Tomorrow we will become fierce again!  Tina

And here is the final update from Pieter:
To our valued salesforce:
We are happy to share that the website is up and running.
However, to ensure access to ALL the Cyber Weekend offers, we have transitioned half of the offers into party offers – available only for order through My Sales! With this in mind, all offers will be visible on but say “Sold out”, but may not yet mean sold out in My Sales. So when wanting to order a product, please check both locations. A flyer with all offers is now available in English only.
All offers will be available while supplies last or until Tuesday, Dec. 3, at midnight your local time. There will be no substitutions. No new offers will open tomorrow, Sunday, Dec 1.
Please note, when ordering through My Sales, shipping will not be free as we are not able to update the system so quickly. We are working on offering a credit for shipping for only those with a paid website who entered a $75 or more order through My Sales.
On Monday, we still plan to open new offers online only as part of Cyber Monday- base line products at 30% sale pricing.
There’s been a delay in downloading some of the orders, so you may not be seeing some of your online orders connect to your account right away. Not because they aren’t connected, but because we haven’t downloaded them yet. IT is working on it and all orders will be connected. If any orders are not connected, please call Customer Care by 12pm ET on Monday, Dec 1 have them connected
Please know we are crestfallen about what happened with the website and know how this affects you and your business. We have worked very hard to bring a solution to you but know this does not make up for the inconvenience this has created. We look forward as we learn from this and look to creating a great end to 2019.
Please continue to enter your November orders and we wish you all a great close!
Please visit our facebook, group and click on Photos>Albums>December to get our latest tools.  I hope to have this website updated by Monday.