On Friday night, Tupperware is sending the emails below to those roughly 700 Independent Reps who placed qualifying orders (over $75) for free shipping via My Sales November 30–December 2. Orders were reviewed so as to determine which Reps appeared to have charged their customers’ credit cards for shipping and which did not, meaning they’re getting one of the two emails.
· Email 1 is for those who appeared to charge their customers’ credit cards, meaning the shipping fee would be credited back to the customers’ credit cards.
· Email 2 is for those who appeared to have absorbed the fee themselves, not charging the customers, in which case, the refund is coming in the form of an overpayment to the Rep.
If they’ve accurately assessed how you’ve processed these orders, you do not have to do anything for the to proceed. You will have until midnight ET on Tuesday, December 10, to call in to make any corrections to their plan for those refunds.