WOW!  The week of December 21-27 has AWESOME benefits!  If you are interested in making money, this is a HUGE opportunity for you!

  • Are you off work?  It’s a great time for an appetizer party.  Share ideas on New Years, or getting organized or our Eco on the go products,  Many of your customers will be off too!
  • Will you be with family for the holidays?  Take your food in Tupperware.  Better yet, MAKE something at your family get togethers using your products.  it’s a demonstration that is subtle, but it will SELL.  I had a holiday get-together with neighbors at my home last weekend and sold a Cold Brew Carafe and a Serving Center, just because I used it.
  • It’s a great time to do Custom Kitchen Planning.  This 1:1 service can be done in an hour, and only requires you and the customer.  Make sure to date a follow up “Show It Off” party in January!

Here’s why it’s a great time to party:

  • Last week of the current catalog.  We’ve got some items leaving!






















  • TWO sales brochures…the Mid December and the new January brochure is starting one week early.  The date says December 28, but it begins December 21






















  • Hosts with $300 in sales and two datings get TWO HOST BONUS OFFERS.  THAT’S RIGHT!  TWO!! They qualify for the December Bonus and the January Host Bonus, because it’s in the brochure starting early!

           Dec Host Bonus


PLUS, choose ONE January Host bonus     

























  • Hosts with $600 in sales and two datings get DOUBLE HOST CREDIT!  Why? Because it’s in the December 28th brochure, and since it’s starting early, so does the Host Offer!  
























Host credit during Dec 21-27 can be redeemed for FREE Tupperware, the current catalog Host Gift Special OR the New Catalog Host Gift Specials!  FOUR CHOICES!!


And remember…By submitting $300+ in sales Dec 21-28, you will earn this!

What great offers to close 2019! How will you use these to maximize your week?