New laws are coming in Hawaii and in many other states and we are in a PERFECT position to help our consumers. When the bag laws began, consumers had to invest in re-useable bags. Now with the ban on single use plastics and styrofoam, they need to invest in eco friendly products to take to restaurants to bring home their “plan-overs”.

These products don’t begin until Dec 28th, but I wanted to share them with you now. Here’s 3 different memes you can use to promote. These are sets that I’ve created.  When ordering you will need to order the items individually.  



The flyer below shows all three.  How can someone save $55?  One of the items in this set is a set.  It’s a set within a set.  This is in our new catalog for $110.  So hosts could choose it for their half off, which is a savings of $55.