In our new catalog we have a beautiful spread showing our opportunity kit.  However, they have left the wording somewhat vague so that we still have a story to tell 1:1 AND to allow some flexibility. Please note these details:

Available December 28–April 24, 2020: two great new Business Kits to offer to new Independent Reps! Only the full Business Kit price is referenced in the catalog, to keep that Kit the focus, but flyers will be available showcasing both options:

NEW Basic Business Kit (shown on top shelf in catalog) – Includes Medium Eco Water Bottle, Can Opener, FridgeSmart® Small Deep Container, Thatsa® Jr. Bowl, Silicone Spatula, Power Chef® System, Measuring Mates Set and No Time To Waste Tote Bag. Plus, 10 Catalogs, one pack of 20 Brochures and 50 Customer Order Forms.

Over $260.00 value! $60.00


NEW Business Kit – Includes everything in the Basic Business Kit, plus, Super Snack Set, Lunch-It® Containers, FridgeSmart® Small Shallow, Modular Mates® Oval 1, Modular Mates® Oval 2, Freezer Mates® PLUS Small Deep, Freezer Mates® PLUS Small Shallow, set of two Microfiber Window Towels, Business Kit Bag, Datebook, Getting Started Guide, Party Planning Folders and Confident Start Flyer.  They receive BOTH BAGS in this kit.

Over $410.00 value! $109.00

The Business Kit is, as shown in catalog, also available for a $49 down payment. In 60 days, use a credit card to pay $60 with the 2 Easy Payment Plan OR, as a new Independent Rep in the Confident Start Program, they can qualify for their kit to be paid off by achieving $1,000 or more in personal sales in their first 60 days. As has been the case with past Gig Kits, no payment plan is available with the Basic Business Kit, but those choosing this Basic Business Kit and qualifying for the kit payoff through Confident Start would receive a credit of $60 toward their next Tupperware order.