In 2020 we will be doing MORE in our Legacy Facebook group.  You can expect MORE training to supplement our face to face events, MORE videos and MORE challenges.  Many of our challenges are exclusive to Facebook, and qualifiers need to post on the challenge meme in order to be eligible. Did you know that on an average month, I give away over $1000 in product! If you’re not in our Facebook group, you are missing out! Now is the time to make sure you are ready to be engaged in our group!

  • Make sure to join our Legacy Party Sales Facebook group. Here’s a link:
    • Are you thinking…”I’m not on Facebook!”  Did you know that you could join Facebook and our group and not add any other Facebook friends?  You’ll just see Legacy info!  
    • Do you not see our posts? Make sure to go to “Tools” and click on “following” and then to your “notifications” and update them to “All posts”. 
    • If you need help making these adjustments, reach out!
  • Have you sponsored someone? As you sponsor new consultants make sure that you add them to our group! I can’t add people if I’m not their Facebook friend already! We don’t want them to miss a single thing that will help them get the most from Tupperware, so we need your help
  • Coming soon…look for my 20-20 challenge!