The current Host Offer for Double Host Credits is ending this Friday. This once a year offer gives host an opportunity to DOUBLE their host credit for a small co-pay, with no limits.  So a $600/2 host doubles her 90 Host Credits.  A $1000/2 host doubles her 200 host credit.  A $2000/2 host doubles her $400 host credits…and there is no limit!  Make sure that you close and submit all parties by THIS Friday.

To transition from this offer, Tupperware will offer 90 extra Host Credits for $25 to hosts with $600/2 or more in sales for the first two weeks of February (Feb 1-14).  This is a single bonus, meaning, it’s an extra 90 credits for a $600 party or a $2000 party.

Once that offer ends we will have a HOST ONLY PURCHASE OFFER, Feb 15-28.  This selection does not use Host Credits.  They still have their normal Host Credits to shop.  But they will have an opportunity to purchase the 5.2qt. Dutch Oven for $89.

Now is the time to work to solidify your February calendar of events.