This is an amazing value for customers and for you.  There are a number of ways to use this.

For our personal shoppers, these offers are on sale, but you still receive your 25% discount.  If you find yourself running through drive thru’s for breakfast, DITCH THE DRIVETHRU by making your own breakfast at home! Consultant cost of a $20 item is $15.  Buy one of each and it’s only $75!

  • The Vent’n Serve mugs are great for oatmeal.  Make it on the weekend, fill the mugs and reheat each morning.
  • The Quick Shakes are perfect for smoothies and protein drinks
  • The Breakfast maker can be used for an omelette, French toast, or poached eggs just to name a few
  • The Refrigerator Bowls are wonderful for making yogurt parfaits.  Buy the family size yogurt and layer with fruit and granola,
  • The Lunch it Large are great for an entire breakfast.  Make a breakfast sandwich, add some fruit and granola and you are ready to go!

Many of you want to make money.  Whether it’s for paying bills or supplying your Tupperware habit, by sharing these offers with friends, relatives and customers, you will EARN 25%.  When a customer purchases one of each, you earn $25!  Encourage them to think of using this for upcoming gift giving occasions.  They can get 10 gifts for $10 each!

Why not take it to the next level?  Find some helpers.  Who do you know that sees a lot of people on a daily basis? Teachers and office workers need to be invited to earn some free Tupperware by sharing this one week special with their co-workers!  When they sell 13, $260 in sales will be generated,  You as the consultant will earn $65 profit, and they will receive $20 in Free Tupperware.  When they sell 10 of the $100 sets, then you will earn $250 profit and they will earn $200 Free Tupperware!  WOW!  How many helpers can you find?!?!

The best part…if you are new, these sales will help you qualify for your FREE Vent n Serve Set, when you submit $500 by February 28th.  Plus there’s more!  Go for $1000!

  • If you bought the $60 kit, when you submit $1000 you will get a $60 credit to your account.  That’s like getting your kit for FREE!
  • If you bought the $109 kit and paid in full, when you submit $1000 you will get a $60 credit to your account.
  • If you bought the $109 kit with $49, when you submit $1000 Tupperware will dismiss your $60 balance.