Welcome to Legacy Party Sales and Tupperware!

We’re excited that you are a Tupperware lover. Whether you came in just for the discount or to make money, there’s a few things we want you to know:

  • Make sure that you have gone into my.tup and set up your account with a user name and password.  You have to do this in order to redeem your coupon for the MicroPro grill.  Please ask your upline for assistance with this.
  • When you are setting up your account, you will be able to opt in for a website.  IT IS FREE FOR YOUR FIRST 90 DAYS!  This will allow you to share a link with friends and personally take advantage of the online only specials.  When you opt in, you will need to add a credit card.  You will not be charge until your 90 days are up.  I recommend that you put a note on your calendar for 89 days away so you can revisit this.  Then you can either cancel or choose to keep a website.
  • One of your benefits is a 25% discount on anything you want.  You also get a 35% discount on sampling.  if you’ve come in for the discount, this is where you want to shop.  Here’s a link to all the current sampling: https://www.legacypartysales.com/resources/current-sampling/
  • Make sure that you have joined our company Facebook group.  We share lots of recipes, ideas and challenges there.  If you like FREE, its the place to be! https://www.facebook.com/groups/legacypartysales/
  • Remember that you have another challenge as a new consultant…The 10pc Vent ‘n Serve is waiting for you when you submit $500 by February 28th.  These containers go from the freezer to the microwave to the tabletop to the dishwasher.  They are amazing, and no kitchen is complete without them!  There are lots of ways to make sure you have that:
    • Host an event.  This could be a home party, an office demo, and cooking class, many of our informal activities or a Facebook party.  We don’t expect you to do this on your own.  We will partner with you.  Connect with your Director or Manager for assistance.
    • Ask a friend or relative to host a practice party for you.  Use your PowerChef and make one of the recipes in the recipe booklet you received from me.  If you didn’t receive it text me at (808)859-1469.
    • Find a buddy or two and ask them to sell our current weekly offer. You can offer them free Tupperware for helping.  This costs you nothing as it’s part of the Tupperware host program
    • Use your discount and grab the things on your wishlist.
  • If you’ve joined for the business, then we want to help you with some special training.  First things first, check out this link: https://www.legacypartysales.com/resources/new-consultant/.

Again…congratulations for joining our team!