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MAKE A CHANGE in how you do business during these interesting times, and you’ll lead the way for your family and community. ❤️

We are all so fortunate to have a flexible income source … please know there are many who would love to have the opportunity you have right now.  If your children are at home, you don’t have to worry.  You can still work alongside your children.

Legacy’s  Spring Fest will be held via Zoom on April 4.  Watch your Facebook Events for more information in the upcoming days. Tupperware Home Office is working on support activities as well. If you have paid for your registration, we will be refunding your money today.  We will hold off on refunding the money for the sample pack until we decide how to manage that. In addition, all “in person” Events for Legacy are cancelled until further notice. It’s the socially responsible thing to do.  I’ll be sending out a calendar for all of our online events in the next day.

In the meantime, let’s remember…

  • 1. We are so fortunate to work from home and to have a viable product people need – now more than ever.
  • 2. Continue to communicate with your customers and hosts so they know your store is open for business!
  • 3. Go Live with solutions to problems your customers may be having.
  • 4. Date and hold Facebook parties.  if you don’t know how, use this time to learn
  • 5. Reach out and dial someone! They are probably home too!
  • 6. Share ideas for what you are doing to keep your business going in our Facebook group

Stay safe everyone. Make smart choices. And wash your hands!!! Hold your head up high and do hard things. Your family and friends NEED YOU and your small business.

It’s no mistake that you’re here in this moment.  We need YOU to take action, serve others and join the movement!