Did you miss the daily training that was held by FSRC Business Leaders this week?  If so, IT WAS RECORDED!  Check out what participants were saying:

  • Fun with Friends calls this week were AWESOME! Thank you so much FSRC leaders for taking your time and sharing. It was, honestly, like a mini Jubilee only better! No walking, no crowds and no overpriced food, lol. I learned so much from all of you! Now to put it into action💜💜~Jeni Cheatham, Champion Enterprises
  • The 5 days were awesome…. FAITH over fear! ~ Teresa Alberghini, Razz-ma-tazz Sales
  • Love the Fun with Friends Training this week! I have been in business over 30 years and I am still learning lots of new things to help me with my business!! ~Valerie Propati Smith, Explosive Power Sales
  • Loved that we could see up close and personal all the things you were sharing. So honored to be part of this wonderful, caring, motivational, and passionate group of Business Leaders~ Barb Araujo, Razz-ma-tazz Sales

Investing in yourself by taking advantage of the training offered is critical to growing a successful business.  Best of all, you don’t need to hire a sitter or fight traffic to learn.  Just click on a link and JOILA!

❤️Jan on Monday Topic: Topic: Champion Live Events’ Personal Meeting Room
Apr 13, 2020
Meeting Recording:
❤️Pam on Tuesday Topic: Champion Live Events’ Personal Meeting Room
Apr 14, 2020
Meeting Recording:
❤️Stephanie on Wednesday Topic: Tupperware Training Room
Apr 15, 2020
Meeting Recording:
❤️Tina on Thursday
April 16, 2020
The first 30 minutes is Phonto Training last hour is Facebook Parties!
❤️Freedom Friday with Jan, Pam, Stephanie and Tina