Because our parties are limited to virtual experiences at this time, for the month of June we will not have a normal printed brochure. There will be two options.

Option #1-Download the one page flyer and print your own. If have access to a color printer, this is probably your best option.
Option #2-Order one page flyers from Tupperware, while supplies last. These flyers will be sold in packs of 10 for $1. They are English on one side and Spanish on the other side.
76412 Mid-June Flyer 2020 – English/Spanish (Bilingual).
Limit five packs.


This is the “normal” Mid June brochure. It will not be for sale. You could print it if you desired. Or you could post these screenshots. Another option is to just post the link of the current brochure. When you do this, it will connect them to the brochure that is at
This link connects to the current brochure, so if you click on it now, you’ll see the Mid May brochure.