Are you plugging in to the opportunities to grow your business?  Last week we had 100 people in attendance!  We have a goal to ADD 100 new people to the group this time.  Start inviting people now!

The group is updated and ready for you to start selecting numbers!

1-Please note we have changed the name to KENO, vs. Bingo, because…well…it isn’t Bingo!

2-We are leaving it on ZOOM. We were looking at a different platform, but feel like we just need to stay where we are.

3-It’s very time consuming to download the list from Facebook and alphabetize it. Please follow up to make sure that your guests select numbers by Friday at midnight. I would prefer that you have each guest register themselves as multiple names in a comment are hard to download and alphabetize. Also..double check that they don’t pick numbers above 25.

Make sure YOU and your guests have joined this group!