This is the newest product alert list.  Tupperware posts these weekly on their website under last 14 days.  A few things you should know:

  • We are blessed that our Tupperware factory is still operational and hasn’t experienced a shut down.  In order to maintain that, they are practicing 6ft social distancing, which is very difficult in a factory production setting and the shipping/packaging line. This is creating substantial delays.
  • Current orders are running at 21 business days from date of submission.  Weekends and holidays do not count. Please do not email customer care regarding an order unless it’s beyond 21 business days. 
  • That said, Tupperware has recently hired 86 new people at the Hemingway plant and they are working 3 shifts per day to catch up.
  • If you have an order that has an item on it that says Shipping Delay (below), the entire order is being held for this item.
  • Several items from the Mid April brochure have closed. I know it sounds easy to just MAKE MORE, but it’s not that easy.  They are currently using the machines to make products that are in the upcoming brochure.  Additionally some of the products come to us from other plants, such as Greece, Mexico and Belgium.  It’s not possible to get more inventory in before the brochure closes. My recommendation is to focus on the many other products that are in our full line catalog.  
  • Please be patient.