Registration for Thursday’s Virtual Cooking Class is now open!  If you’re new, join in to learn product knowledge tips.  Ideally, this is a money maker for you. Invite guests to join in and you can be the host.  Or offer this to those that would like to host a party…it’s a virtual party and YOU don’t even have to do the demo.  All you need to do is host coach your host.

  1. Encourage your host to set a goat.  What would they like for FREE?  The Modular Mate set?  A certain piece of Tupperware using host credits.  A host with a goal will be motivated.
  2. Make a guest list of 3-4X the number you want. I recommend they invite 40-50.
  3. Personally invite each guest.  Whether a host picks up the phone, send a personal text or a private Facebook message, this is critical. Simply posting an invite will not work,  Many don’t see due to Facebook algorithms, and other will just ignore it as they don’t feel invite.
  4. Encourage your host to get outside orders from those that are unable to attend.
  5. Remind your host to send reminders the day of.

When you follow the recipe above, you will have success with this event.

Register here if you are participating: