Fridgesmart goes on sale in just 3 weeks.  This is a HUGE opportunity for you as absolutely every family needs FridgeSmart.  People are frustrated by the cost of vegetables, and then to throw some away is such a waste.  Every single rep has FridgeSmart, as it comes in your kit.  So to help you make the most of this upcoming sale, NOW is the time to start setting the stage.  I’m pretty passionate about making sure everyone knows about this product.  A family of any size needs.  In fact, the smaller the family, the more they need it!  Now is the time to set the stage so that everyone will be ready to grab this sale.

  1. Get some brocolli next time you go shopping. If your family refuses to eat broccoli, select some lettuce, however, broccoli is very easy to photograph and fills well in the small deep that you have in your kit.
  2. Divide it in half, putting half in the fridgesmart and half in the refrigerator as normal.  Take a picture of day 1. Post it on your personal Facebook profile and make sure to tag me.  Otherwise I may not see it!
  3. Take additional pictures on day 7 and 14 and post June 6-12

Here’s two more great idea…

  • Who have you sold FridgeSmart to?  Ask them to do the same, share it on Facebook  and offer a gift for their advertising…OR
  • if you have any extra FridgeSmart at home (smaller preferred), pick out a few good customers and ask them to do the broccoli test.  If they do and share it on Facebook offer to sell them the FridgeSmart at your cost.

Just LOOK at the potential we have to make BIG THINGS HAPPEN!  And this is just in our two largest markets! How much of this do you want? It is entirely up to you!

Check it out!  There’s lots of additional info regarding fridgesmart here: FridgeSmart Info