We have a new kit! This single kit will replace the two options that are currently shown in the summer catalog. This new kit is scheduled to be available through the end of the catalog. It consists of $240 in retail Tupperware for only $60. No payment plan is available.

Additionally, for ONE WEEK ONLY, we will also have a $15 Digital Opportunity available for new consultants to select. This Digital kit contains no product, but allows someone to start their online business with a minimal investment.
*A 3 month free my.Tupperware Pro website subscription, which includes a personal selling website with option to select Premium for $6 per month for first 3 months.
*Access to our Digital tools: Online Catalogs, online brochures, Videos, Social media content

This is perfect for someone that needs to make money fast, wants to do their business entirely online and does not have $60 to invest in the business kit. It’s also great for a returning consultant that may not need a kit.


Our WEEK 1 Recruiting gaol is 58! That’s 15 per Director Team! There’s so many people that need an hand up, and our opportunity is exactly that! It’s our responsibility to PAY IT FORWARD! Let’s all be focused on helping ONE FAMILY AT A TIME make a difference.