Several weeks ago we issued a challenge for new consultants to step up to their first level before their kit arrived.  Congratulations to Jaedyn Pavao, for achieving this goal!

Now that Tupperware has extended the $15 Virtual Kit opportunity through the end of August, we felt that we needed to adjust that challenge. After all, if you don’t have a kit coming…how would that work?  So effective immediately, we are adjusting this to a 21 day challenge.  The good news is that if you have already received your kit, but are still within your first 21 days, you have MORE TIME!  Aside from the Pressure Cooker, stepping up means that you will:

  1. Receive a $100 Step Up bonus
  2. Begin earning a Vanguard Bonus plus 2-4% on your entire unit’s sales the following month
  3. Enter the Manager Growth Program to earn great gifts!  Confident Start is for New Consultants and Manager Growth is for New Managers.  You can be in both at the same time.  Earn your set of Ultra Pro!
  4. Get an invite to our Leadership events…last month’s training by Fran Basuel was amazing!
  5. The month you qualify is RETROACTIVE for qualification for the Legacy Royal Circle Incentive trip.  The faster you step up the more time you have to accumulate sales!
  6. You will have take the first step to earning your Tupperware Car!