I misunderstood the communication of when the new week structure will begin. The first week of July is our short week, not the 2nd week as I previously communicated. Please revisit this and use this new calendar. I’m so sorry to add to the confusion!

Currently our Tupperware weeks run Saturday-Friday. This means that weekly specials and incentives are launched Saturday at 3am ET in the My Week and run through Fridays. Recognition is for Saturday-Friday as well. Our sales month ends on the last Friday of the month. In July, we will be making a shift to the weekly calendar. Our weeks will run Thursday-Wednesday. This means that weekly specials and incentives will be launched on Thursday at 3am ET. Recognition will be for Thursday-Wednesday. Our sales month end will be the last Wednesday of the Month.

  • This will allow customer care to take care of any issues on Thursday and Friday. Often times there’s an issue with a customer credit card, Sometimes there’s an issue with the system. Now instead of waiting over the weekend this can be addressed the next day.. Second, many of you do events on the weekends. This will also you to have the newest information on Thursday, giving you a few days to prepare, as opposed to a few hours.
  • The July sales month has 5 weeks. The first week will be an abbreviated week, running Saturday-Wednesday. Each week following that will run Thursday-Wednesday.
Below is our July Calendar with our dates. One version is the color coded one. The second is the printer friendly version.