Just a quick reminder that we have our Keno on Saturday. In order to participate, guests will need to join our special game group and post their five numbers. I’ve also posted pictures of the gifts we will be giving away. So..what do you need to do?
🌺Make sure that YOU have joined the group and registered your numbers.
🌺Invite your guests. They will also need to join the game group. This is an awesome opportunity for you to hold a party with very little work. All you do is invite people. I do the demo and supply the gifts! Easy-Peasy!
🌺You could also use this for a host who is going to invite all of her guests. Imagine! You could hold multiple parties during this 90 minute time!
🌺As a note, you can ADD people to the group, but if they don’t accept the invite, they aren’t in the group. That’s why it is best to invite them first and then add them so they know what it happened and why they need to join.
🌺We have a goal to hit 700 members in that group by Saturday for a cookware drawing. I encourage you each to invite several people so we achieve that goal.
🌺Make sure to create a TupperConnect link to share with guests!
Here’s the link to join the group!