We have another Legacy team member in need of help. Leah’s sweet 24 year old son passed away last week and they could really use some help with funeral expenses. We always like to take care of our own, so we’d like to invite you help with a 5 day fundraiser. If you’d like to participate:
1. In your party history, create a fundraiser with Leah Dang’s name. Put in your address. You will only pay the cost of the items and retain the 40% that you will be forwarding, so there is no need to worry about the organization address.
2. Using the attached meme, share it everywhere!
3. The item numbers are 5568 and 5571. You will need to order one of each number for each set you sell.
4. There is no TupperConnect for Fundraisers or Direct Ship. You will have all the product shipped to you. Minimum shipping is $7…but it’s less per set the more they order. It’s still $7 for up to 4 sets and then after that its 7%. So for 5 sets $21 x 5 = $105(shipping is $105 × 7% = $7.35), making it $1.46 shipping per set for 5 or more sets!
5. If you sell to people that are too far to deliver to, then you need to add $7 for shipping and create a separate Fundrasier for each person.
6. For each set that you sell, $8.40 will be earned for her family. You will receive $12.60 sales credit toward any incentives. A win for you for helping!
7. We will run this for 5 days so that we can get the funds to them quickly.
8. On Friday, July 24th, please send your 40% via PayPal or Venmo to me. @TinaOscar (Venmo) or legacystars@yahoo.com (PayPal). We will then forward the money to Leah.
9. When you get to the party summary page, you will only pay 60% of the $21 plus shipping and tax. The difference is the 40% you will forward, plus $3.15 profit per set.