We’ve added a second way to earn your T-shirt! And Yes! This challenge is backdated to Thursday!!!

During this week, every company has a goal to reach for sharing the opportunity.  Our goal is 116.  So we are going to ROAR-

  • Reach
  • Out
  • And
  • Recruit!

Who do you know that could use the extra income? Who do you know that needs a career change.  Do you know that our top earner in Tupperware made $1,000,000 this year?!?!.  That’s not the sales, that’s INCOME!  Do you know that several of the top in the business have only been in business for a few years?  It could be YOU!  It could be someone that is waiting for you to share the opportunity!

And then there are those that are joining just for the discount. That’s okay too.  Here’s something to consider-Explaining the $5 offer like a Costco Membership seems to really be helping people understand, so I thought I’d share.

As a member, they can shop for resale and be a consultant, or they can shop for themselves. They can decide that later – the membership is the same, and they’ll get the free website for 90 days and the roaster pan for $30 ($119 value).

Share BOTH opportunities and then you can truly make a difference!