These 5 ladies are leading the company in personal incomes. For those of us that attended Jubilee, we had an opportunity to hear their stories during Jubilee. One constant is that they are JUST LIKE YOU! They all started their business unsure of what they were doing. Another constant is MINDSET!

We had an amazing Jubilee keynote speaker that we all loved. Michelle Poler, author of Hello Fears, made a definite impression on us all! We’ve decided to start a Legacy book club. Each week participants would read a chapter or two, and then we’ll meet on ZOOM to dig into it with some of the resources she provides.
We know time zones are an issue, as well as people’s work schedule, so if you’re interested in joining our bookclub, please give us your thoughts on a day/time on this survey:
In the meantime, order your book so it’s here in time for our first meeting!