he Keno group has been updated for Tuesday’s Keno event at 7pmHT/10pmPT/11pmMT
I know the time isn’t conducive for those on the east coast, but we do have another one coming up on Saturday, August 22nd.
Please make sure to invite more guests and remind existing members of the group. For those of you that are new, this is a wonderful way to hold a party with minimum effort to earn your Party Bonus!
AND, you can also use this for YOUR hosts. You host coach, I’ll do the demo, and you make the money!🥰
Here’s some great word choices to use to invite:
I’m participating in a Tupperware Multi-host Keno party on Tuesday, August 18th. You’ll have the opportunity to see our newest product that was just released…AND see the newest specials, including our Pressure Cooker, in action. Plus, you’ll get to play Keno to win some awesome prizes! I have a goal of 10 guests. Will you be one of my 10?
Here’s a link to register your numbers