Sampling gives you a sneak peek of what’s coming in the new brochure. You see it 2 weeks prior to the start of the brochure, so that you can order it in time for it to arrive before the new brochure starts. Sampling offers a 35% discount, instead of the normal 25%, so for those of you that came in “just for the discount” this will allow you to get what you want at the lowest price possible. There is a flat shipping price on sampling too, so you can save even more. AND it helps you to maintain active status so that you can KEEP this discount. You also receive retail sales credit for sampling towards all incentives, including activation and confident start!
If you missed the mid August brochure sampling when it first was released, today is the final day to grab these offers. Also Tuesday is when the Mid September brochure sampling will be released, so there is a small overlap time where you can order samples of both brochures for one flat shipping. We call these “magic hours”.
Magic hours:
9pm-11:59pm PT
10pm-2:59am MT
11pm-2:59am CT
Midnight-2:59 ET
The Fall catalog samples are also available, so you can shop from 3 sample sheets right now for one shipping charge!
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