Direct Shipments from Mexico & Partial Deliveries

Great news! As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the speed of production and shipping, we are now beginning to ship U.S. orders of certain products directly from the plant in Mexico, rather than routing them first through our plant in Hemingway, South Carolina. Please note that this will cause split/partial deliveries. Items produced or stored in Mexico will come in one delivery, and items from Hemingway in a separate delivery.

The packing slip will only indicate what’s inside, but a sticker on the box will say PARTIAL DELIVERY. Tracking information will be provided on both shipments, and if you send STATUS OR plus order number to 89273, you will receive two responses, one for each shipment.

If you missed it, Pieter shared this in his Jubilee keynote, which you can watch here on our Sales Force Facebook page. This is just one of many ways we’re working to help you serve your Hosts and customers better in this time of tremendous growth, and we appreciate your assistance with communicating this to your customers. Thank you!

Currently, they are packing the week of July 1st.  But it is possible that you will receive orders from later in July first because of split shipments.

Metal Whisk Now Open in Catalog

We are happy to announce that the Metal Whisk from pg. 20 of the Fall 2020 & Winter 2021 Catalog is now open on and in My Sales. We apologize for the inconvenience of this not having been opened last week with the rest of the catalog. The new Justice League and the Frozen 2 Sets opening date is still to be determined. We appreciate your patience.

Product UPDATE // Mid-August Replacement Offer: Eco Water Bottle
As we previously communicated, we depleted inventory of the 2-Qt./2 L Slim Line Pitchers featured in the tear-off section of the mid-August brochure on before it was scheduled to close.
As a replacement offer, we opened a set of two 1½-qt./1.5 L Eco Water Bottles with Handles (item #81774), in the color of Purplicious, at the same price of $19 to remain open through 11:59 p.m. your local time on Wednesday, September 9, OR while supplies last.
Your customers are really loving these Eco Bottles, and we also have inventory in the color of Peacock, so we are opening that option today, under item #81775, also at same price of $19, and also available while supplies last. Brochure files will be updated as soon as possible.

Oldest orders

Except for back orders, the oldest US order is July 1st.

Current Back-orders

Please refer to the PAL (Product Alert List) for current status of products

Customer Care

Our customer care reps are all working from home.  During this transition, it has been a process to get phones, etc forwarded to their homes. There are several options available for contact:

Email:  Please make sure to use a specific subject line so that your email is routed to the correct person


Phones: There is an extended wait. Dial in, put it on speaker phone and go about your day!

  • Mgr.Hot line and Sales force-8:30am-Midnight EST
  • Consultants: 1-888-921-7395 Manager Hotline: 888-919-8099
  • Platinum lines 8:30am-5:30pm EST Director Platinum: 800-818-1138

Chat: Great news!  Chat is now available.  Tupperware has added 23 new agents to help us.  This is located right in order entry

Text updates: Feel free to share this information with your customers!  You and your customers can check anytime for the status of their order.  If they order online, they receive a confirmation email with their order number.  If they order through you, you will need to provide the order number for them.  Make sure to provide the order number and not the party reference number.  Text STATUS OR <insert order number> to 89273. That is STATUS space OR space order number. You must have a space after STATUS and after OR before entering the number. standard message and data rates apply

Lastly, I post this in every Facebook party to alert customers to our shipping constraints upfront.